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Ltd. Noor Tehniks goal is to provide to our customers a good relation between price and quality.  We are specialized in a car and home audio and multimedia, but you can also find a big selection of car tuning accessories, electronics, components, leather also imitation leather, TV and radio antennas and accessories, audio/video connections, car signalizations, tools, everything provided with excellent customer service.

Thanks to our good relationships with our partners and a long time of experience, we can always satisfy our customer’s needs, and find the best solution between quality and price.  

We can do also the installation.  

Our chain-store ensures stability to our customers- reasonable prices, a good and stabile choice of products and professional help and support on all matters.



  •  21.03.1991 was registered company Noor Tehnik (Young Technician)
  • 06.05.1992 we opened a store Noor Tehnik at Luise 4 Tallinn
  • 20.11.2002 we opened a store Noor Tehnik in Järve Keskus at Pärnu mnt 238 Tallinn
  • 20.03.2004 we opened a installation garage A-Sound in Järve Keskus
  • 01.04.2004 we opened a store Audio-Sound in Ülemiste keskus at Suur Sõjamäe 4 Tallinn
  • 01.11.2005 we opened the online shop
  • 01.06.2007 we opened a installation garage AT-Sound at Laki 11 A Tallinn
  • 07.12.2007 we opened a store Noor Tehnik in Tartu at Raatuse 20
  • 23.10.2014 we opened a brand new store Noor Tehnik in  the biggest shopping mall in Tallinn, Ülemiste Keskus