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Väiksemate roosteaukude, pragude parandamiseks.

Sobib kasutamiseks koos polüestervaigu ja kõvendiga. For small repairs and large-scale layered work

Ideal for repairing small rust damaged areas, tears and holes as well as for large layered work when used with NIGRIN Polyester Resin and NIGRIN Hardener.

De-rust, degrease, clean and sand surface. (For large-scale damaged areas, form first with NIGRIN Fibreglass Matting.)
Cut fibreglass material into overlapping sections.
Combine polyester resin with hardener (follow instructions on the packaging).
Lay on fibreglass and apply mixture with a brush, avoiding the formation of bubbles.
After drying (approx. 30 minutes) fill and smooth with NIGRIN Pro Putty.
For more see Graphics Work Steps Bodywork Repair!

Nigrin Klaasriie - vilt 0,8m2:

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